At Ringmaster, we create innovative game content and experiences by adopting the most advanced technologies to develop unique and immersive experiences. We use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to transform the way users interact with games, fully immersing them in alternative worlds. Through cloud computing, we ensure a smooth and accessible experience, enhanced by artificial intelligence that dynamically adapts gameplay to individual preferences. In addition, by integrating blockchain, we ensure a higher level of trust and transparency in our gaming ecosystem. With these cutting-edge tools, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of digital entertainment.


The client-side of our games is developed with C++ and Unreal Engine 5, the most powerful open-source game engine there is. We have developed numerous games ranging in domains and themes, from casino games to virtual horse racing, from chess to the newest intelligent maze game: LabyrAInth.
Our games are designed to be accessible both via desktop and through virtual reality viewers, offering versatility to suit each player's preferences. For the development of our virtual reality games, we adopt OpenXR, an open source framework that allows us to create immersive and highly interactive VR experiences, providing extensive compatibility with a wide range of VR devices. This approach allows us to push the limits of virtual reality, constantly improving the quality and engagement of our games.


The server-side architecture of our games is based on a modern microservices framework, developed using programming languages such as Java, with the use of proven frameworks such as Spring and SpringBoot, and Python. This setup makes our application completely cloud-ready, optimising performance through the power of Azure. We manage orchestration through Kubernetes, ensuring optimal scalability and resilience, with distributed data persistence layers to ensure reliability and speed.
Our team of backend developers is in charge of developing critical game logic, managing user interactions and transactions. This integrated and advanced approach allows us to deliver seamless and highly responsive gaming experiences.


The virtual racing game.
Metarace is a game where you can participate with your own racers (horses, dragons, ships...), which can be game assets or NFTs, and have them compete against your opponents' racers. You can play either from a desktop or with your visor for a more immersive experience.

Choose your racer and enter the race to win!

Metarace with dragon races in 3D

A short gameplay set in the CloudSea map, in which racing dragons are competing, can be viewed next. The game allows you to show the interface and an additional side view that provides a clear and detailed overview of the actions to follow the progress of the race.

Metarace with horse races in VR

The video shows a short gameplay set in the EtnaIsland map, where racehorses are competing. The gameplay interface is clearly visible and the VR mode view offers two perspectives: one from the position of the spectators in the stands and the other from the angle of the jockey, allowing the excitement of the race to be experienced in a realistic and immersive manner.


The intelligent maze exploration game.
LabyrAInthVR is a game in which gaming, VR and generative AI come together to create a unique experience. Participate and explore mazes created by Generative AI, always new and with incremental difficulty. Avoid traps, activate powers, defeat enemies and race against the clock!

Can you beat the Maze?

Here is the game's official launch trailer, which reveals its innovative concept and introduces some of its gameplay dynamics through immersive gameplay scenes. Designed to be accessible both on desktop and through viewers, the game is optimized to offer an immersive and superior virtual reality experience, promising users an interactive experience.

Passion and Innovation: exploring the new horizons of Generative AI, AR and Mobile Gaming

Ringmaster employs a team of experts, driven by creativity and passion. Constantly seeking new challenges and horizons, we are immersing ourselves in exploring the world of generative AI, augmented reality (AR), and mobile gaming. If you share our passion for any of these areas and are interested in participating in the development of a new game or improving one of the games we have featured, please contact us! Don't miss the opportunity to contribute to the next innovation in the video game industry.
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