Cloud Solutions

We are dedicated to development on complex platforms within cloud ecosystems, with the goal of making our products extremely flexible and scalable. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art software solutions designed to meet the latest market needs and respond effectively to technological challenges.

Technological Innovation: Dedication to innovation finds its greatest expression in the design of cloud software that leverages the latest technologies. From microservices architectures to containerisation, we implement industry best practices to ensure maximum efficiency and operational agility.

Scalability Without Compromise: The nature of our business requires solutions that can grow and respond to high throughput and performance. Our products are designed with a focus on scalability without compromising performance, ensuring that resources can be easily adapted.

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    We are leading players in the technological evolution processes of our products.

    We work on migrations from legacy architectures to more modern solutions based on microservices.

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    Performance Management

    We ensure that our products are high-performing.

    We implement performance and stress testing strategies.

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    Player Account Management

    We carefully manage the profiles and features of users of our platforms.

    We protect sensitive data through encrypting mechanisms.

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    Transaction Processing Systems

    We ensure the consistency of financial transactions on the electronic wallets of our users.

    We implement mechanisms to manage idempotence and transactional competition.